Laser Tattoo Removal

NiteOwl Tattoo provides industry-leading tattoo removal services in Northampton, MA. When considering a tattoo coverup a NiteOwl artist may suggest tattoo removal or fading before getting started on a new tattoo. Timmy B and the team have partnered with The Finery to provide our clients with tattoo removal directly in our shop.

When considering working with a tattoo removal partner; experience, protocol, and technology made a major impact in deciding to work with The Finery. It doesn’t hurt that they are our kind of people. Our main concern is making sure our clients have safe FDA approved laser technology and tattoo removal treatments delivered by laser tattoo removal industry experts.

The Finery tattoo removal protocol is designed to target the full spectrum of tattoo ink pigments on the widest range of skin tones. Having partnered with the finery to provide tattoo removal sessions our clients have access to a growing network of tattoo removal providers, not just one laser tech. The Finery has performed over 100,000 successful tattoo removal treatments since 2012 and works directly inside over 25 tattoo shops.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser Tattoo Removal uses light energy to pass through the surface of your skin in a nanosecond… The Laser is so fast that it doesn’t have time to harm the tissue, the ink particle is the only thing that the laser can see. When the laser hits the ink and shatters the ink particle into a small enough size for your body to eliminate like any other foreign substance.

The tattoo removal process is FDA approved and is not known to be harmful.

When considering a coverup tattoo the quality of skin after tattoo removal is important to your artist. Laser tattoo removal is the safest way to remove a tattoo without harming the skin.

What should I expect for my tattoo removal results?

Laser tattoo removal results vary and are different for everyone, on average clients experience 90-95% tattoo removal in 8-10 laser tattoo removal sessions. Depending on skintone, ink saturation, lifestyle and overall health tattoo removal can take up to 14+ sessions. Sometimes, tattoo removal can take less than three sessions. Take a look at The Finery before and after tattoo removal results to see other TATTOO REMOVAL CLIENT RESULTS. The best way to find out how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo is to book a free consultation where a Finery laser tattoo removal specialist can review your medical form and evaluate your tattoo.

You can book a Free consult ONLINE or by calling (857)284-4800

What does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal varies in price depending upon the size of your tattoo. Most tattoos cost anywhere from $100-400 per laser tattoo removal session. The Finery offers per session pricing, as well as interest free monthly payment plans. Most clients chose a payment method based on the tattoo removal goal. The Finery can evaluate your tattoo and talk about your goals during a free consultation or via the online tattoo removal evaluation tool.

Online evaluation tool

The best way to learn about how tattoo removal works, what tattoo removal will cost, or what tattoo removal laser is best for your tattoo? is to visit The Finery online evaluation tool fill it out and submit your photo. Within 24 hours a Laser tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and reach out with more information or questions to clarify. You can also book a free in-person consult by calling (857) 284-4800

Is tattoo removal painful?

Most clients say that tattoo removal is not too painful, but definitely no joke. The good news is that tattoo removal is fast most sessions last less than one minute. The Finery uses a Zimmer Cryo chiller to help numb the tattoo area before and after the tattoo removal treatment.


Most NiteOwl Tattoo clients ask “Can you really tattoo over laser tattoo removal?” Yes, skin fatigue and overall skin quality are way better after laser tattoo removal than other methods of tattoo removal. We recommend laser to anyone looking to get a coverup tattoo.

What to talk about with your artist when getting a coverup tattoo.

* Is your new design idea something that can easily cover your old work?

* Does your design incorporate a lot of negative space?

* What colors are you using?

* How big do you want your new tattoo?

* What areas of my tattoo need to be lasered to achieve our goals?

Talk with The Finery technicians about coverups.

* Given the saturation of the tattoo, how many sessions will it take before we can get started covering the tattoo?

* What to do after a laser session, aftercare.

* Explain what specific areas your artist wants to be faded or removed.

* Do the colors in my tattoo matter for tattoo removal?


Booking a tattoo removal appointment or free consultation is easy. CALL (857) 284-4800 or BOOK ONLINE