About Us

NiteOwl Tattoo has been located in Northampton, Massachusetts since 2014. The shop started as “Tattoo Afterlife” and rebranded shortly after as “NiteOwl Tattoo” founded by artist, Timmy B. and Matty Olivieri of Uncle Matty’s Supplies. They were committed to finding talented artists who are also genuinely good people. The collaboration at NiteOwl is a daily occurrence and teamwork is highly valued among the artists. Artists’ specializations range from realism to new school and more – which allows clients a variety to choose from.

The aesthetic of the stop is purposeful to create the look of an “old school tattoo shop” with collectible art adoring the walls and other fun stuff at each artist’s station. Timmy B purposefully designed an open floor concept so artists and clients could interact throughout the tattoo experience. Creating an environment that felt clean, comfortable, and safe was essential to the NiteOwl owner’s vision. Even if you’re not looking to get tattooed, please come by the shop, meet the artists, and grab a print for your wall as a fun reminder.