NiteOwl Q&A


Where are you located?

We are located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Our address is 6 Service Center Rd., Northampton, MA 01060.

If you have any issues finding the shop, please give us a call for assistance at (413)-727-3760.


What are the shop hours?

We are open Tuesday – Saturday 12pm to 7pm and Sunday by appointment only. We are closed on Monday.


Is the shop clean and comfortable?

We follow all protocol aligned with the Northampton Board of Health to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for our clients.  Our tattoo artists renew all yearly blood borne pathogens certifications to ensure that the entire tattoo process aligns with all health standards.


Do you have to have an appointment? Do you take walk-ins?

We typically work by appointment, but we do accept walk-ins if a tattoo artist has time left in the day. If you do not have an appointment, you can call ahead to see what our day looks like. If you are seeking larger custom tattoos, then please make an appointment to allow your artist time to create for your future tattoo.


How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

The state of Massachusetts requires that you are at least 18 years of age to get tattooed. Valid ID, Drivers License, Military ID, or Passport is required to get a tattoo.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash payments for deposits and tattoo services, although we do accept online payments via PayPal and Venmo. Deposits can be paid in person or online – please contact us for detailed information.


How do you price tattoos?

We price based on the size and detail of the tattoo. We charge a shop minimum of $100 dollars, and the price will increase depending on size and detail. We only charge hourly rates for larger extensive work, and these prices will vary between artists.


How do I schedule an appointment to get tattooed?


The recommended way to schedule an appointment is to email the shop at, so we can recommended which artist best fits your need.  The artist and/or artist’s assistant will review all aspects of the tattoo with you via email before scheduling an appointment.  In order to make this process as easy and effective as possible, please include the following details in your email:

  • Any artwork or ideas along with a description of what you would like tattooed
  • The location of the tattoo
  • Preferred artist (if applicable)

Once a design is agreed upon, they will get you set up with an appointment (or multiple appointments for larger tattoos).  A deposit request will be sent or asked of you once your appointment is made. When a customer has multiple sessions to complete a piece, we will roll the deposit to each appointment and it comes off the last appointment’s cost.  The deposit is non-refundable and ranges between $50 – $200 depending on the amount of work to be done.

When emailing our shop, please keep allow us a few days to get back to you. We try our best to get back with you in a reasonable time frame in between the many appointments.



We do not schedule appointments over the phone, however, feel free to call to see how our schedule is for that day to get in as a walk-in, or to see if a tattoo artist is available for a consultation.  If you’re in the area, you can schedule a consultation with the artist to review the details of your desired tattoo.


How do I schedule an appointment with a guest artist?

If you are looking to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing traveling guest artists, please email that artist directly. We announce upcoming guests artists on our Instagram page as soon as we know they are coming – usually months in advance.  When this is announced on social media, the artist’s email address will be listed. 

Please keep in mind that deposit amounts and pricing will vary depending on the artist, and this is separate from NiteOwl’s prices. They are traveling from all over the world just to come to here to tattoo you. Typically most guest artists will book in advance for their visit and usually will not have time for walk ins, so we highly suggest booking an appointment with the guest artist you’d like as soon as they are announced!


Why is the deposit for an appointment non-refundable?

When making the appointment we require a $50, $100, or $200 non-refundable deposit to setup and hold the appointment.  The deposit comes off the total cost of your tattoo at the end. When a customer has multiple sessions to complete a piece, we will roll the deposit to each appointment and it comes off the last appointment’s cost.  The price of the deposit depends on the size of the tattoo.  Since there’s a lot of work that goes into setting up and preparing for an appointment, a security deposit allows us to begin drawing and gives us assurance that a client is serious. Deposits are non-refundable!

If you can’t make an appointment, we require at least 48 hours notice by phone or in person or you will lose the deposit.  If you cancel in advance, we will roll the deposit to your new appointment time.  If notice is not given or a customer doesn’t show up, they will lose their deposit. We value our time and yours, so please give us as much notice as possible when cancelling.


What happens if I miss my appointment?

While we prefer at least a weeks notice, we require at least 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If notice is not given or a customer doesn’t show up, they will lose their deposit.


Do you do piercings?

We do not offer piercings, we specialize in tattooing.


How do I care for my tattoo?

Your artist will give you an aftercare sheet at the end of your session in a paper copy and via email.  We also recommend using Redemption Tattoo Aftercare to keep your tattoo looking as incredible as the day you got it!

Misplaced it? Not a problem! Just give us a call at: 413-727-3760 or email us at: and we will send you another copy!